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We are a small home style grooming kennel. In 1973, with the purchase of Dwyer's Grooming, we were the third grooming shop to open up in Scottsdale AZ.  After moving to three different locations, we grew to be one of the largest shops, specializing in grooming Bichon Frises and other small dogs where the owners required hand scissoring.

At the same time, we started showing Old English Sheepdogs and bred a couple of litters which we finished in Comformation and Obedience. When the Bichon Frise became a registered breed in 1972, we became interested in the cute little teddy bear looking dog. We bought our first dog Ch. DeDebs Deja Vu  Prelude in A Major, "Chopin". His father Ch. Ranks Raggedy Andy was the national specialty winner in 1980.

"Chopin" was a delightful little dog who acquired his AKC Championship and Obediance title very quickly while also producing 12 Champions with very limited breeding.  With his success, he also acquired a Sire of Merit award by the Bichon Frise Club of America (BFCA). We were hooked with the breed and within a couple of years purchased two liter sisters "Angie" (Ch. Belle Angelina of Deja Vu) and "Gracie" (Ch. Belle Graziella of Deja Vu), sired by the very well known Ch. Vogelflight Music Man and a dam who was winners bitch at the San Diego Specialty in 1981. These three started our "Deja Vu" Kennel.

"Angie" went on to produce four champions from her first litter.  "Gracie" produced six champions in two litters and made herself a dam of merit (BFCA). Angie's daughter "Toodles" (Ch. Deja Vu A Touch of Scandal) went on to produce 12 Champions from three breedings and became one of the Top Producers in the history of the breed, as recognized by the BFCA. She also achieved a Dam of Excellence (BFCA). A "Gracie" puppy from her second litter, "Diggers"  (Ch. Deja Vu Delphinum) went on to produce six champions, earning her a Dam of Merit (BFCA) as well. Another "Gracie" daughter, "Paige" (Ch. Dejavu Private Diary) also became a Dam of Merit (BFCA) after producing six champions.

In 1985, we purchased a beautiful male "Benson", (Ch. Kelebs A Touch of Deja Vu) from Judy Fausett's "Keleb Bichons". He added a short wide muzzle and lots of neck to our breeding program. He also went on to produce ten champions in three litters, earning his BFCA Award of Merit.

In 1984 we imported a Komondor co-owned with Art Sorkin and Diane Smith. "Cirko" (Ch. Karcagpusztai Cirko) went on to win the Komondor Club of America Specialty in 1988 and 1989, Best of Breed at Westminster in 1989 and a all breed Best in Show. She was the seventh Komondor in the history of the breed to recieve such honors.

Deja Vu has also been involved with showing and breeding Pulis with Art Sorkin and Diane Smith and have also produced a number of champions in that breed.

At this point in time Deja Vu has produced over 150 Bichon Frise champions as well as numerous Old English Sheepdog, Puli and Chinese Cresteds champions.

In 1996 we purchased our first Chinese Crested from Judy Fausett's "Keleb Kennels"; a seven month old brown and white puff we called "Blaze" (Ch. Keleb Deja Vu Augustine). We wanted only the best we could get and Judy didn't let us down. With his beautiful head and fabulous reach and drive, "Blaze" finished his AKC Championship very quickly.

I loved the breed and was on the lookout for a fabulous bitch who I could show and special. After months of looking, we purchased "Foxy" (Ch. Silver Bluff Fox in Sox). "Foxy" was a beautiful mover, had a wonderful head piece, and was easy to live with. "Foxy" picked up her first points (five point major) at just barely 6 months old at her very first show! Once she figured out that she wasn't a Bichon and that she was a hairless Chinese Crested, she finished her Championship rapidly and went on to be a mulitle group winner. We acquired a couple extra hairless cresteds within a few months because "Foxy" kept up the thought that she was a Bichon. Barbara Fischer sent two other girls that were hairless and a hairless male, to help "Foxy" realize that she wasn't a Bichon. These three also finished their AKC Championships.

"Foxy" was bred twice, producing one litter of two and another litter of five. We kept a hairless bitch called "Kisses" (Ch. DejaVu Bare Kisses). "Kisses" was bred twice: a litter of two and a litter of one, producing "Skeeter" (GRCh. Deja Vu Be Carefu What U Wish For). "Skeeter" is also an American Chinese Crested Club (ACCC) National Specialty and multiple group winner. He also was awarded a Best of Opposite Sex at the 2011 Chinese Crested Club of America National Specialty.

In Feb 2004, Ann Freeman and I purchased "Patsy Cline" (Ch. Patsy Cline by Jove), a crazy little black and white hairless bitch. "Patsy" went Best Puppy at the ACCC national specialty in 2004, Best of Opposite Sex at Eukanuba in 2006, was in the top five Chinese Cresteds (Breed Points) in 2006 and 2007, with multiple specialty wins and four all breed best in shows. "Patsy" has to-date produced five Champion off-spring, one from her first litter of two and four from her second litter of five.